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Rigger Standard and Auto Address Modes


Rigger remotes have two different ways of addressing Elevation 1+ units, standard addressing and auto addressing. You can switch between these two modes via dip switches 1-3 on Rigger unit, full dip switch settings are available here.

Standard addressing assigns addresses sequentially, starting with channel 1 and finishing with channel 8 or 16 depending on the controller type. The start address is determined by the setting of DIP switches 2 and 3.

Auto addressing scans all the available addresses from 1 to 999 and assigns them to channels on a first found, first assigned basis. The scan of all addresses occurs on power up and as a consequence the unit can take up to 5 seconds to complete its scan before operation of the discovered controllers can begin. When using auto addressing care must be taken to ensure that all the chain hoists controllers are powered up before the Rigger starts it scan. If this is not the case then units may be assigned in an unexpected order and therefore hoists may not appear on the channels numbers as expected.


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