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What’s the difference between a Page and a Template?


A page is a pre-stored arragement of cue-lists on playbacks.  Each Page can be given a name and can be recalled at any time.  Pages can be 'built' to reflect a certain section of a show, to reflect the types of devices being moved or a combination of both.

Page 1: Cuelist 1 is loaded onto Playback A, Cuelist 2 on Playback B and Cuelist 3 onto Playback C.  Playbacks D, E and F are all empty.
Page 2: Cuelist 4 is loaded onto Playback D, Cuelist 5 on Playback E and Cuelist 6 onto Playback F.  Playbacks A, B and C are all empty.
Page 3: Cuelist 99 is loaded onto Playback F.  Playbacks A, B, C, D and E are all empty.

If you select Page 1 then you will have instant access to Cuelists 1, 2 and 3 but nothing else, if you select Page 2 then you will have access to Cuelists 4, 5, 6 only.  Page 3 will clear all the playbacks except F which will have Cuelist 99 loaded in.
Template Pages allow you to select a Page that will always be available to the user as long as it is not overwritten by the current Page.

If you now set Page 3 as the Template and then select Page 1 you will see Cuelists loaded onto Playbacks A, B, C and F.  This is because Page 1 gives you A, B and C and the template gives you F. 
If you select Page 2 however then you will only see Cuelists 4, 5 and 6 on D, E and F respectively.  This is because Page 2 has its own Cuelist assignment for Playback F and so this overrides the Template assignment.

If you think of the Template Page as being written on paper and all the other pages being written on a transparency then when you select a Page you are laying that transparency over the Template.  If there is nothing assigned to a particular Playback in a Page then you can see through to the Template below and the Template's Cuelist will be available on that Playback instead.  Any Playbacks with Cuelists assigned in the current page will obscure the view of the Template below for that Playback therefore overriding the Template's Cuelist with the current page's Cuelist instead.


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