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What is a Construct?


K2 uses the notion of Constructs when dealing with moving and controlling objects. In Vector and other similar motion control applications, you are always working with the hoists that are attached to an object and manipulating them to produce the desired effect. This works well for controlling simple shows and moving objects in linear ways. However, for more complex or intricate movements this soon becomes a headache for the operator and is often very time consuming involving a lot of trial and error.

This is where the notion of dealing with a construct (the object suspended from the hoists) rather than all of the hoists attached to it becomes so appealing. The operator simply moves the object (using the 3D programmer) and K2 works out how far and at what speed the hoists need to travel in order to accomplish that.
K2 has the ability to import .3DS (3D Studio) files allowing constructs to be correctly allowing K2 to more accurately represent the real world.


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