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The Elevation 1+ DrvCAN Error Explained


DrvCan or Drive CAN as the expanded message would read is the processor stating that it cannot communicate with the inverter drive via its CAN data bus.  This is the primary means of communication between the two items and without it an Elevation 1+ cannot function.

Possible Cause Check…
Drive not powered up, indicated by neither the red or green LEDs on the top of the inverter being illuminated or flashing
  • The 3 phase breaker is turned on
  • The emergency stop contactor is engaged, 12v must be present on pin 6 of  either of the XLR7 data connections
  • The power plug for the inverter drive is properly inserted
  • 3 phase voltage is present at the drive power connector

No terminating resistor

There is a resistor fitted between LO and HI on the CAN module

Faulty CAN module

The pin header is correctly and fully inserted through the CAN module and into the inverter

Bad cable between inverter and PCB

  • All terminals are tight on the CAN module and no wires have worked loose from the ferrules
  • The cable is plugged into the PCB correctly
  • There is no damage to the cable

Inverter incorrectly programmed

  • The following parameters are set using a keypad
  • CO350 = 1 (unit address)
  • CO351 = 1 (baud rate - 250kbit/s)
  • CO352 = 0 (slave)
  • CO358 = 1 (momentary reset)

Faulty PCB

Swap with a working board to see if the fault moves with the board or stays with the inverter

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