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How do I make a 20m-min Liftket run at 30m-min?


To make 500kg 24m/min (max variable speed) hoists run at 30m/min the following two parameters will need to be adjusted

  • Using Vector or a Lenze keypad you need to change Parameter 11 in the Lenze inverter drive, normally it will read 70 0000 and you simply need to change it to 100 0000.  This will allow you to run up to 100Hz
  • In the Elevation 1+ you will need to increase the Max Clamp Speed up to 500 from the usual 400mm/s.  This can be done via the on-board menu system or via Vector.

When running at 500mm/s or 30m/min the hoist motor will be running at roughly 75Hz, which is 50% higher than its design speed. 

Due to the increased dynamic stresses on the chain and hoist, especially under emergency stop conditions and the potential loss of torque in the motor we recommend you de-rate the hoist by 50%


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