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Elevation 1+  and K2 Troubleshooting


An Elevation 1+ works with no problems using a Rigger remote, but when it is run with K2 shows motor alarm disabled

Steps to resolving the issue:

  1.   Is it just that one Elevation box or do others have the same problem?
  2.   Is the enable LED on the front of the PDES on?
  3.   If not then is the keyswitch on the front panel set to Disabled?
  4.   If all these are OK do both XLR7 outputs on the back do the same thing?

This is usually a result of the unit not receiving the enable signal down the 7 pin XLR. The signal is generated by the PD-ES when the keyswitch on the front of the unit is turned to enable. If the keyswitch is removed then a red light will appear on the front of the Elavation units, but no error will appear on the screen. If this does not solve the issue and both XRL7 outputs on the PD-ES are displaying the same fault, there could be an issue with the communications boards or the keyswitch itself.


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