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An Elevation 1+ shows the error ENC 1


The ENC 1 error means the encoder is not counting. This can be caused by two conditions:

  1. The motor is moving and the encoder is not producing counts (possible encoder fault)
  2. The motor is not moving and the Elevation is expecting it to move, obviously no encoder counts would be produced in this case as the motor is not moving.

Check to see if the issue is related to the Elevation by using it with another motor, if this works fine, then it is related to the motor.

Check the following items on the motor:

  • Both Motor fuses are ok
  • All Relays are seated in their holders correctly
  • No wires are trapped in the Motor lids
  • If one of the brakes is not operating, checking that the Brake PCB is not burnt out or damaged.
  • One of the motor contactors is operating, when the elevation is enabled and ready to move the motor.
  • Both motor brakes are releasing.


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