• K2

    K2 is a powerful, graphically based, control solution for automation and motion control.

  • Vector

    Vector is a versatile software application for controlling and running Kinesys motion control products.

  • Rigger

    Rigger 8, 16 and 24 way handheld controllers offer instant control of the Kinesys Elevation range of products.

  • DigiHandset

    Digital user-friendly pendant which allows safe fixed speed set up or scenic movements.

Chain Hoist Controllers

  • EVO

    Designed to meet the requirements of BGV C1 and BS7905, EVO is a multi-purpose variable speed control system.

  • Elevation 1+

    Elevation1+ is the variable speed chain hoist control solution from Kinesys.

  • DigiHoist

    The DigiHoist platform has been designed from the ground up to be fully upgradable.

  • Elevation 24

    Elevation 24 offers unparalleled levels of functionality and connectivity in a 24 channel positioning controller.


  • LibraRIG

    LibraRIG allows a LibraCELL 4.75 T shackle to be connected with a 3.25 T bow shackle

  • LibraCELL

    LibraCELL is the shackle at the heart of Libra system.

  • LibraPRO

    LibraPro is the rack mountable power and data hub for LibraCELLs

  • LibraWATCH

    A multi-platform load monitoring software application that enables load data to be viewed on the go.

  • LibraWIFI

    LibraWIFI allows LibraPRO or DigiHoist to broadcast load cell information using Wi-Fi to LibraWATCH.

  • LibraSPLIT

    LibraSPLIT allows many chains of LibraCELL to be connected to a single data connector.

  • LibraBASIC

    LibraBASIC power supply offers a simple and cost effective method of powering and monitoring LibraCELLS.

  • LibraVIEW

    LibraVIEW is the software that accompanies the Libra system.


  • DC8

    DC8 is an 8 port data and safety distribution module designed for the EVO system.

  • Mentor Series 3

    Mentor is a SIL3 safety controller line, comprising a range of SIL3 E-Stop combiners, aggregators and distribution modules.

  • Mentor Series 2

    Mentor is a SIL3 safety controller line, comprising a range of SIL3 E-Stop combiners, aggregators and distribution modules.

  • Array PD-ES

    Array PD-ES is the perfect marriage of power distribution and emergency stop control.

  • Array Mini PD-ES

    Array Mini PD-ES provides power distribution and emergency stop in a small form factor.

  • Array IP8

    Array IP8 is a rugged 8 port 10/100 Ethernet switch designed to work with Kinesys products.

  • Array 485

    Array 485 is a 1 in 8 out RS485 distribution unit for use with Elevation 1+.

  • Transform 485

    Transform 485 modules provide an interface between different networks and communications protocols.

  • DigiLink

    A DigiHandset link unit that allows multiple handsets to work together to control large arrays of DigiHoists.


  • Velocity 2

    Velocity 2 provides advanced control of induction, linear & servo motors for high-end automation equipment.


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