Designed to meet the requirements of BGV C1 and BS7905, EVO is a multi-purpose variable speed control system.

EVO offers true zero speed performance – allowing the motors to “hover” without the brakes being applied for the most subtle of slow movement cues and instantaneous reaction.

Standard 32A 3-phase power can be daisy chained through the controllers for easy cabling,  communication is via Ethernet with integrated SIL3 emergency stop, connected via standard CAT5e cables to DC8 and Mentor distribution and safety systems.

User-friendly features and real flexibility are a cornerstone of all Kinesys designs; the Evo controller also features an on-board display and manual controls.

The controller is housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure which can be truss or rack mounted.

EVO is compatible with Kinesys Vector and K2 software packages.1000kg 12m/min, 500kg 24m/min and 250kg 36m/min BGV C1 hoist options are available. All including an integrated loadcell to provide precise load information for both the controller and the operator, while incremental and absolute encoders offer accurate and secure positioning. All hoists can be used motor-up or motor-down with no alterations required.

Further Information


  • Designed to BGV C1 specification
  • True zero speed – zero speed load holding with open brakes

  • Integrated loadcell as standard for precise load reading
  • No requirement for custom power distribution units

  • Standard 32A 3-phase connections with output for daisy chaining controllers

  • Compatible with K2 software & Vector

  • Truss or rack mount 


Mains Input/Output

  • 5-pin 32A Red ‘Ceeform’ type plug to IEC60309
  • 5-pin 32A Red ‘Ceeform’ type socket to IEC60309

Control Connections

  • Neutrik Ethercon for 100Mbps Ethernet and Emergency Stop


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